Down Payment

Fixed Rate

Mortgage Insurance

Minimum Credit Score: 580

A home loan for those whom have served our nation.

California VA Home Loan

Frequently Asked Questions


Pros and Cons


VA Home loans are among the most generous home loans available. They are only available to qualified military personnel after having fulfill specific time periods of either active or in-active duty. Reserve military personnel are eligible after a longer period of service.

  • Less or No Down Payment
  • No Monthly Mortgage Insurance
  • Lower Rate that some loan programs


There is very little not to like about a VA home loan. Non-veterans are generally not eligible to be co-borrowers, so you are typically only applying with a spouse or domestic partner.

  • VA Funding fee if Veteran is not rated as disabled by 10% or greater.

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The Bottom Line

The VA home loan is one of our favorite loans to do because it has very generous underwriting guidelines and we love giving back to those that have served our country. Apply today and start realizing the benefits of home ownership

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